About Daily Dose

George Hughes-Davies

George started Daily Dose after graduating from university. Growing up George developed a passion for health and fitness and began juicing while at university to try and stay healthy. Very quickly his focus was improved, energy levels were up and they soon realised he'd discovered the ultimate hangover cure. While his friends went off to find a job in the City, he travelled from New York to Los Angeles to embark on a juice pilgrimage. 

Daily Dose Juice sources produce directly from farmers, where possible within the UK. Whilst sourcing produce George also rapidly discovered the vast volume of produce wasted daily due to the produce not conforming to the supermarket’s strict criteria on shape and size. This revelation prompted George’s commitment to fighting the food-waste epidemic by using wonky, surplus organic produce to make our juices.

Fast forward to 2019 and we are rescuing tonnes of wonky produce each week! At the other end of production, our leftover juice pulp is collected by our partner farm, who feed it to livestock on their Surrey farm. Every step of our process is designed to help us achieve our waste goals.