Green Cleanse

Green Cleanse

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Not for the faint hearted. This cleanse will alkalise the body, flush out the gut and boost the immune system. It's tough going but trust us, you won't regret it!

We recommend that the juices are consumed throughout the day in the order listed below with Black Lemonade to be sipped the day and Hot Shot to be used as a pick me up.


  1. Verde (300ml)

  2. Dulce Verde (300ml)

  3. Coco Verde (300ml)

  4. Dulce Verde (300ml)

  5. Dulce Verde (300ml)

  6. Coco Verde (300ml)

  7. Matcha Nusse (300ml)

H20: Black Lemonade (500ml) - sip throughout the day

Shot: Hot Shot (60ml) - drink when you need a pick me up

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